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Each year, state elected officials spend months considering proposed legislation that could affect businesses' competiveness, ability to create jobs and bottom lines. From legislation on unemployment law to taxes, environmental regulation to lawsuit abuse, the Pennsylvania Chamber is actively involved in every major issue facing business in Pennsylvania.


And the outcome can depend on how many pro-business candidates are in office.


That's why it's so important that business has a strong political action committee. The Pennsylvania Chamber Political Action Committee (ChamberPAC) makes contributions to candidates who believe in business' right to compete on an equal basis in the global marketplace.


ChamberPAC's strength lies in the involvement of business professionals like you. We all have a stake in the future viability of our state's businesses and the economy; and that future can be dramatically altered through legislation and regulation.


That is why business leaders contribute to ChamberPAC: to support those candidates who support business. And ChamberPAC is working to involve more business supporters than ever before. Our goal is not only to have individuals contribute to ChamberPAC, but become politically involved in PA Chamber government relations year round by contacting their legislators on key business issues. That is the strategy that will win in today's legislative environment.


For a growing, vibrant economy that leads to good jobs and strong communities, Pennsylvania businesses need a strong PAC.