Leadership Webinar: How Motivated People Make Great Organizations

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

11 a.m. to Noon



How Motivated People Make Great Organizations—when we align the way we do our work (our brand) with our passion for the work we do (our culture), we become more than just good. We become excellent. From the smallest team units and departments to the largest corporations, wonderful things happen when people align themselves with their group’s brand and culture.

Brand and Culture Alignment begins with a simple exercise: “Imagine your team, group, department, or company were a single person, doing its best work every day to keep its promises and achieve its goals. What would that person be like?”

In this free special leadership webinar, Al Cini, Founding Partner of Al Cini and Partners and the innovator behind the Brand and Culture Alignment Toolkit (BCAT), will teach how to turn this simple exercise into a clear Role Target that you and your people can use to engage more fully in your shared goals, align your day-to-day activities to better accomplish them, and ignite a culture of continuous self-improvement that will enhance your team’s performance and improve your results:

  • Exercise 1: How Role Targets motivate us, shape our behavior, and improve our performance.
    • The four basic BCAT Role Targets and how they promote organizational excellence
    • What are an organization’s brand and culture? How do they relate to Role Targets?
  • Exercise 2: Finding and “mapping” your own organization’s signature Role Target, brand and culture.
  • Exercise 3: How everyone on your team can use this information to improve their performance.
    • How you can use these tools and principles to begin aligning your organization’s brand and culture
  • Bonus: How to make the most of the free BCAT Survey and consultation included with this webinar.

For teams, groups, and companies of all kinds and sizes, the innovative leadership Brand and Culture Alignment Toolkit presented in this webinar will boost individual engagement and improve collaborative outcomes.


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